Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Acclaimed Architect Renzo Piano Unveils First Concept Design for The Center for Arts & Innovation In Boca Raton

The Center for Arts & Innovation has unveiled its initial vision for a forthcoming, globally revolutionary creativity and innovation hub in Boca Raton designed by the widely acclaimed Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Renzo Piano, a Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning Laureate, selectively undertakes two to three new commissions worldwide each year, emphasizing the significance of The Center’s initiative to spark a global renaissance in Boca Raton and the surrounding region. The project’s design is intended to foster a dynamic intersection of arts, education, business, and community. Throughout the 18-month design process, which will involve detailed refinement, ideation, and the cultivation of partnerships, The Center aims to amplify its reach well beyond South Florida, positioning itself as a model for future international projects.

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Internationally Acclaimed Architect Renzo Piano To Design Boca Raton’s Multimillion-Dollar Creative Campus For The Center Of Arts And Innovation

The Center for Arts and Innovation has selected the renowned Pritzker Architecture Prize–winning architect Renzo Piano to design its forthcoming multimillion-dollar creative campus, set to redefine downtown Boca Raton and establish a global hub for creative excellence. With Piano only accepting two to three new commissions a year, this partnership is a testament to The Center’s mission to transform Boca Raton into an internationally recognized destination for culture and technology, create a tremendous point of pride for residents, and reinvigorate the city’s rich history of innovation.

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