Lynd Living Applies For 698-Foot-Tall Building At Miami Worldcenter

Block 23 as of April 2022. Photo from Google Maps.

Texas-based real estate developer Lynd Living has applied for building permits to construct a 698-foot-tall building at Miami Worldcenter. The Federal Aviation Administration received applications on September 8 for the 0.47-acre site at 941 North Miami Avenue, which the developer recently acquired for $30 million. The structure would top off at 709 feet above sea level when factoring in the site’s elevation and could yield up to 1.2 million square feet, including 650 residential units.

YIMBY compiled the coordinates listed on the applications to identify exactly where the structure’s highest points would be. When mapped out, the four points align with the Lynd property and the assemblage to the south owned by IRR Parkwest Investments LLC. It is unclear if the two points on the neighboring property are errors. Still, if we’re going by the dimensions of the lot in the sale of the land, these points would better align towards the middle of North Miami Avenue, resembling the footprint of a square instead of a rectangle. If any corrections are necessary, the developer will resubmit the application. The alternative theory is that the south corner parcel will be developed in connection to the Lynd site, but no sources suggest this at the moment.

Compiled FAA coordinates for the 698-foot-tall structure. Created by Oscar Nunez. Photo from Google Earth.

FAA filing for 698-foot-tall structure. Photo from the FAA.

The Lynd Tower, a naming scheme we’re using for reference purposes, would rise equally in height to Paramount Miami Worldcenter, a 60-story residential tower at 851 Northeast 1st Avenue – the current tallest in the 27-acre Miami Worldcenter district. The photo below shows the Lynd site (bottom left) adjacent to the Legacy Miami Worldcenter site (center). It’s being used as a staging area for the 55-story Legacy tower.

Live cam view of Lynd property beside Legacy Miami Worldcenter construction site. Photo from Legacy Miami Worldcenter cam. (09/15/2022)

We have yet to see conceptual or preliminary renderings of the project Lynd Living is planning, nor do we know who the architect will be. Following the sale of the site, Concord Summit’s Managing Director Kevin O’Grady said, “David Lynd is a visionary and an incredible developer who I’m confident will bring a whole new level of residential living to Miami Worldcenter that the market has not seen before,” so we’re excited to see what the developer will build here.

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