Urban Street Development Seeks Site Plan Level III Approval For 904 E. Las Olas Blvd. In Fort Lauderdale

Rendering of 904 East Las Olas Boulevard. Credit: Architectural Alliance.

An upcoming development at 904 East Las Olas Boulevard, slated for site plan approval by Fort Lauderdale’s Development Review Committee on February 13, is poised to significantly enhance the commercial fabric of East Las Olas Boulevard. Architectural Alliance, supported by Palmetto as the landscaping architect and Flynn Engineering Services, PA, as the civil engineer, lead the project’s design. Urban Street Development, operating under 904 ELO, LLC, is the developer tasked with transforming an existing building, historically a restaurant, into a modern mixed-use space. The redesigned structure will feature 4,234 square feet of retail area on its eastern end and 5,723 square feet of restaurant space on the western end, including 775 square feet dedicated to outdoor dining.

In a departure from the previous structure that occupied the property lines, restricting pedestrian access, the new building introduces a thoughtful setback—6.5 feet from the north and 8.4 feet from the west. This redesign bolsters walkability and the public realm, expanding sidewalks to widths ranging from 7.8 feet to 14.6 feet. Such enhancements prioritize pedestrian safety and incorporate green spaces with large shade and flowering trees, enriching the streetscape.

904 East Las Olas Boulevard Elevation Diagrams. Credit: Architectural Alliance.

Moreover, the project retains three parallel parking spaces on SE 9th Avenue, now flanked by 8.5-foot-wide landscaping strips featuring Live Oaks and Satinleafs, thus elevating the area’s visual and environmental appeal. To further emphasize pedestrian experience and safety, all loading and unloading activities are designated to the alley south of the property, with waste management solutions seamlessly integrated into the building to eliminate odors and visual disturbances.

904 East Las Olas Boulevard in October 2022. Photo from Google Maps.

The development also proposes a parking reduction, in line with the common practices for businesses on Las Olas Boulevard, where parking predominantly occurs off-site. The proposed functions within the new structure are projected to demand less parking than the previous establishment, ensuring parking availability remains unaffected or improved.

As 904 E Las Olas Blvd aims to transform a city corner into a more vibrant, pedestrian-friendly hub, it highlights a commitment to urban redevelopment and enhancing life in Fort Lauderdale’s bustling urban settings.

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  1. So basically tear down what has always been a restaurant / entertainment space…and replace it with a shiny new restaurant / entertainment space. Excellent…have at it.

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