New Renderings Revealed For Magic City Innovation District In Little Haiti

Magic City Innovation District.Magic City Innovation District.

New renderings have been released for Magic City Innovation District, a massive multi-building transit-oriented mixed-use mega-development planned for Little Haiti in Miami. The project is comprised of 17 parcels of land spanning multiple blocks, primarily located between Northeast 2nd Avenue and Northeast 4th Court with Northeast 59th Terrace being the southern-most cross street and Northeast 64th Terrace as the northern-most street. Being developed by a partnership between Plaza Equity Partners, Metro 1 and Luna Rouge, the new district will yield residential, hotel, office, retail and expo space across 18-acres.

According to The Next Miami, the developer recently filed platting documents with Miami-Dade County, which will be known as ‘MCID-2. The project plans include 1,599 residential units, 941,800 square feet of office space, 432 hotel units and over 200,000 square feet of retail space. The project as a whole is generally centered around the proposed Little Haiti Station along Brightline train tracks.

Magic City Innovation District.

Magic City Innovation District.

Renderings reveal a plethora of aesthetically futuristic structures with varying textures, shapes and façades, surrounded by ample landscaping, outdoor public spaces and a train station. It is unknown if there are multiple architects involved in the designs of the buildings, but we do know Arquitectonica is on board for at least one of the residential buildings.

Magic City Innovation District.

Magic City Innovation District.

“Created to evolve with the community as it expands, the Magic City Innovation District has been planned with a phased development approach. This makes growth scalable, but also allows for people, businesses, and visitors to enjoy the district throughout its progress with venues and spaces that open for use on varying schedules, rather than requiring the entire project to be completed all at once.”

Station M.

Station M. Magic City Innovation District.

Station M: “Modeled after Station F in Paris, the two tower innovation center will provide a 215,000 square foot incubator and accelerator ecosystem with over 500,000 SF of office, retail and restaurant space.”

Parcel 11. Magic City Innovation District.

Parcel 11. Magic City Innovation District.

Parcel 11: “An architecturally significant building designed by Arquitectonica will be 25 stories tall consisting of 330 luxury apartment units and 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail space offering residents a host of world class amenities.”

Parcel 11Parcel 11. Magic City Innovation District.

Parcel 11. Magic City Innovation District.

Little Haiti Station. Magic City Innovation DIstrict.

Little Haiti Station. Magic City Innovation DIstrict.

Site Plan.

Site Plan.

Construction permits have not been filed with Miami-Dade County as of yet.

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8 Comments on "New Renderings Revealed For Magic City Innovation District In Little Haiti"

  1. So kick out the poor people and make them homeless while moving in rich white people. OK I get it! Can you say greed?

  2. To Ann Hanover, You are obviously not a little Haiti resident nor are you versed at cartography. Study the map of proposed parcels and you will see that the area in question is a mixed use industrial zone currently and is made up of primarily 50 to 60 year old warehouses. There will be no one displaced by the construction. I live in the immediate vicinity and can assure you the parcels are all commercial space. Best try your social justice warrior cries some place else.

  3. Chris Hausbeck,

    So your saying that if a Dubai millionaire built an American version of Palm Islands off the coast of Alabama, replete with luxury condos, ferry boats and a monorail, the residents of the nearest coastal trailer park will not be displaced because someone who lived in the ‘immediate vicinity’ assured them that because no construction occurred on the physical land they live? You don’t have to be a resident of little Haiti to understand basic real estate and economics. The Median per capita income for Little Haiti residents is $15,917. The MCID-2 project plans include 1,599 residential units. 80% of little Haiti residents rent. The advertisements which accompany the article are reaching out the customer base that purchase UNA waterfront condos (starting at $2M). You ended by dismissing Ana’s simple (yet accurate) analysis by calling her a whiny “social justice warrior.” Because you deem advocacy for social justice as an insult. Surely you don’t believe that MC is a social justice project to promote economic equality.

  4. Francisco Figueroa | January 25, 2022 at 3:17 pm | Reply

    Welcome, MC we are extremely happy that you have chosen our neibourhood.

  5. Ive seen interviews with people in Little Haiti that are having their rents raised to ridiculous levels. It’s a way of pushing them out and to argue otherwise is to do so in bad faith because it’s clearly the truth. For every displaced person, there needs to be affordable housing IN THE AREA for THEM. But as we see all over Florida, nobody cares. Palms are greased and everyone gets their cut while the people who lived there when nobody else wanted that land (and redlined it so nobody could ever own their own home) get displaced. It’s unconscionable. And before some asshole tries to say I know nothing about Miami, I do. I was born at Mercy hospital and grew up in Coconut Grove.

  6. There are zero residents in the 17 acres owned by the Magic City promoters. The reason the project is years behind schedule and the reason lenders do not want to lend them money is the Haiti name. Haitians murdered their president in 2021. Little Haiti is a ghetto and full of dumps and illegal graffiti.

  7. The promoters should use the respected Little River name. Even Haitians hate Little Haiti, they started moving out 25 years ago.

  8. There are no residents of any color on any of the Magic City properties. Ann Hanover and other commenters are misinformed. Very sad the developers stupidly put the Haiti name on their project. Now they are forced to lower rents which pisses off lenders and explains why the scheme is many years behind schedule.

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