8-Story Mixed-Use Development Is Proposed For 24735 S. Dixie Highway in Princeton, Miami-Dade County

24735 South Dixie Highway. Credit: Miami-Dade County.

M&R Enterprizes 1 L.L.C, led by Rosa A Garcia and based in Homestead, Florida, has submitted an application for administrative site plan review (ASPR) for a new mixed-use development. This project is located at 24735 South Dixie Highway, at the northwest corner of Southwest 134th Avenue and Southwest 248th Street in Princeton, Miami-Dade County. Designed by Edward Silva of E.S.A. Quality Design, the 8-story development falls within the County’s Urban Development Boundary (UDB) and is projected to yield 351,006 square feet. This space allocation includes 159,172 square feet dedicated to residential use across 222 multifamily units, 27,518 square feet for amenities, and 105,383 square feet of parking space, accommodating 344 vehicles.

The property is in the Core Sub-District of the Princeton Community Urban Center District (PCUCD) and carries the Mixed-Use Main Street (MM) designation. This zoning allows for diverse uses, including mixed-use buildings of up to 15 stories and a density of 125 dwelling units per gross acre. The area has recently undergone significant planning changes following resolution no. The Board of County Commissioners adopted z-37-23 on September 20, 2023. These amendments include modifications to the Street Types Plan, New Streets Plan, and Designated Open Space Plan, notably the reconfiguration of Designated Open Space #3 from a 27,000 sq. ft. square to a smaller 22,008 sq. ft. green space.

24735 South Dixie Highway – Elevation Diagram.

The proposed mixed-use project features an 8-story building combining 222 multi-family apartment units with approximately 5,868 square feet of commercial space, resulting in a density of about 112.12 dwelling units per gross acre. The plan includes a variety of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units, catering to a range of residential needs. The amenities set to be offered will include a playground, gym, sauna, and a swimming pool with a deck, enhancing the quality of life for its future residents.

24735 South Dixie Highway – Elevation Diagram.

This development aims to create a harmonious balance between residential and commercial spaces, fostering a vibrant community environment. By introducing new housing and commercial opportunities, the project aligns with the Princeton Community Urban Center District’s planning guidelines and contributes to the social and economic advancement of the area.

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3 Comments on "8-Story Mixed-Use Development Is Proposed For 24735 S. Dixie Highway in Princeton, Miami-Dade County"

  1. Andres D Balbona | January 4, 2024 at 10:44 pm | Reply

    I have lived here in Princeton since 1973 when my parents got away from miami the over population its ashamed the contractors have made people like me feel frustrated 😠 😡 👿 😤 why don’t u go develope some were else with all this population have contractors thought or better yet our corrupt politicians of we get a cat 5 hurricane and are forced to evacuate how in God’s name are we going to get out.this is overwhelming streets are full of cars traffic,school zones,takes 30 mens to travel down 248 towards turnpike ridiculous when don’t these contractors analyze this of course they don’t care as long as there pockets are full 🤔

  2. There’s a sever housing shortage and affordability crisis around here…if hurricane evaculation and crowds scare you then move to Iowa.

  3. Yoandri Morales Aslan | February 22, 2024 at 7:05 pm | Reply

    Hola como se puede aplicar para la propiedad gracias

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