Mill Creek Residential Files Plans For Modera North Bayshore At 2100 North Bayshore Drive In Miami

Modera North Bayshore. Credit: Mill Creek Residential.

Mill Creek Residential has submitted plans for a new apartment building in the Edgewater neighborhood of Miami. Named Modera North Bayshore, the proposed development is set to impact the local skyline significantly. Rising 31 stories and approximately 340 feet, the building will offer residents desirable amenities and living spaces. Corwil Architects is the design architect, and Witkin Hults + Partners is the landscape architect.

Modera North Bayshore aims to provide a total of 275 multi-family apartments, catering to the growing demand for housing in the area. Residential units will offer a range of floor plans, ensuring options for individuals and families of different sizes and preferences. To accommodate the needs of residents, the development will also feature 363 parking spaces across levels 1 to 8, ensuring convenient and accessible parking facilities.

Modera North Bayshore. Credit: Mill Creek Residential.

Corwil Architects’ design for Modera North Bayshore showcases a predominantly contemporary aesthetic. The building exterior features a light texture cement plaster finish, providing a sleek and modern appearance. Decorative aluminum wood-look slats spaced 6 inches apart add visual interest to the façade. The concrete eyebrow slopes outward, creating an architectural element that enhances the building’s exterior design. Balcony concrete slabs are appropriately sloped to the exterior, ensuring proper drainage.

The building incorporates a combination of mesh and glass balcony railings. At amenity levels, a 42-inch high mesh balcony railing provides a secure and stylish barrier. Horizontal sliding windows with dark gray aluminum frames and impact-resistant glass are utilized throughout the building, offering a contemporary look while prioritizing durability and safety. The glass is typically gray-tinted, further enhancing the building’s sleek appearance. The storefront system features impact-resistant dark gray aluminum mullions, adding a modern touch to the ground-level façade. Sliding glass doors with dark gray aluminum frames and impact-resistant glass are employed, providing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Modera North Bayshore. Credit: Mill Creek Residential.

The stair/elevator bulkhead is constructed with concrete, sloping outward to the exterior. Ground-level elements include metal panel finishes on the concrete columns, contributing to the contemporary design. A 5-foot parapet wall is present, ensuring architectural cohesion and serving as a design feature. The garage entrance has an impact-resistant metal door, guaranteeing security and durability. Mechanical louvers and backflow preventers are installed on the second layer of the building, seamlessly integrating these functional elements into the overall design.

Mill Creek Residential has already completed a successful project nearby, dubbed Modera Biscayne Bay. This adjacent development features a combination of 296 multifamily units, 432 parking spaces, and 11,607 square feet of commercial space. With Modera North Bayshore joining its sister property, Mill Creek Residential is poised to further enrich the neighborhood by providing a comprehensive and cohesive living experience.

Modera North Bayshore. Credit: Mill Creek Residential.

As a testament to Mill Creek Residential’s commitment to providing an exceptional living experience, Modera North Bayshore will boast a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities. Among these amenities, residents can look forward to a refreshing swimming pool, a perfect place to unwind and relax. The developers have placed these enticing amenities on level 31, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Miami’s Urban Development Review Board has scheduled a hearing on June 21 to review the plans for Modera North Bayshore.

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