Holocaust Museum For Hope & Humanity Proposed For 75 South Ivanhoe Boulevard In Orlando

A recent proposal presented to the Municipal Planning Board (MPB) aimed to revitalize the historic site at 75 South Ivanhoe Boulevard, nestled between North Magnolia Avenue, South Ivanhoe Boulevard, and Legion Place in Orlando. Guided by the City of Orlando and the acclaimed firm Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners LLP, the initiative sought to establish the Holocaust Museum for Hope & Humanity, blending memorial architecture with educational impact. The MPB reviewed the proposal on October 19.

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Orlando International Airport Sets Stage for Terminal C’s Phase Two Expansion

In a recent move signifying growth, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority greenlit a contract on October 18th, laying the groundwork for the next expansion phase of the newly inaugurated Terminal C at Orlando International Airport. As per the Orlando Business Journal, the authority responsible for managing both Orlando International Airport and Orlando Executive Airport endorsed a $1.09 million contract with Ricondo & Associates. This Chicago-based aviation consultancy, with a branch in Orlando, will commence outlining the development trajectory for the terminal’s forthcoming phase. Envisioned plans suggest the potential to more than double the existing gates of the south terminal. Currently, the terminal boasts 15 gates, with an additional four in the pipeline and various facilities.

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Developers Secure $24M Construction Loan For 1.9-Acre ‘The Flats Orlando’ Condo-Hotel Resort, Designed By ODA Architecture

Florida-based developer Urban Network Capital Group (UNCG) has acquired a $24 million construction loan from LV Lending to develop The Flats Orlando, a 1.9-acre condo-hotel resort near Orlando’s central area. The development is a collaborative effort with ZKC and Tivoli Cove Capital. The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

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